Manufacturer of rubber rollers, ebonite rollers, FRP PVC acid storage tanks, rubber lining and PVC rubber linings etc.

Fourhouse Rubber Roll Pvt.Ltd.

Four houses Rubber rolls is a reputed & well established brand in manufacturing of Rubber rollers for printing and industrial application at Faridabad Haryana.

Printing rollers for sheet-fed web and offset presses.

Four houses Rubber rolls is in the field of suppling the old and worn out printing rollers as well as manufacturing the new rollers as per the OEM specifications. Apart from recoating of the rollers we also supply pick n fit rollers for the fast moving printing machines like Heidelberg, Komori, , Mitsubishi, KBA , Adast and others. Our rollers are made to OEM specifications for required core weights, hardness, and wall thickness. These rollers are an ideal and cost effective answer to Recovered Rollers. They increase thprofitabilityofyourpress.
It our dedication and involvement in all aspects of Printing needs that has kept four house rubber at the forefront of the Pick n fit rollers for the last 1 years. These rollers featuring new steel core made on CNC lathes coated with specially formulated rubber covering, bearings mounted to Guarantees Concentricity. The grinding and finishing of our rollers are so precise that we can hold supercritical tolerances to +/- .001 OD-about two-thirds the diameter of a human hair.